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Battlerite Builds, Up to date Grand Champions skill builds for Jad DISCORD - https://discord.gg/DZQp2sM ★ ★ Timestamps ★ ★ Alycia - 01:05 Ashka - 01:40 Destiny - 02:25 Ezmo - 03:01 Iva - 03:25 Jade - 04:11 Jumong - 04:47 Shen rao - 05:09 Taya - 05:36. Hey guys, got a new Battlerite video for you today! This video is an in-depth and detailed guide on Jamila, a melee DPS champion who excels in dealing massive burst damage with her twin blades. In. My thoughts on Lucie's Battlerites and a couple of loadouts I use regularly. Battlerite is a Team Arena Brawler focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat. Short and intense matches.

Battlerite is a Team Arena Brawler focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat. Short and intense matches, stripped of random elements to optimize the action La majorité des Loadouts est basée sur des joueurs de haut niveau de la communauté Battlerite afin d'en assurer la légitimité. Quant aux Chargements, ceux-ci sont susceptibles de changer très prochainement ! Nos guides sur tous les champions de Battlerite. Par Fragger, le 19/01/2018 Partagez ce guide à vos contacts : Réagissez. Ezmo is an aggressive spell caster who can move quickly across the arena. Aradu, a powerful warlock summoned and imprisoned Ezmo but Ezmo saw his opportunity to escape when the warlock became too engrossed in reading his tome. He sealed Aradu's soul and mind within it and has been carrying the tome ever since

Battlerite est un jeu de combat en arène PvP, et le successeur spirituel du fameux Bloodline Champions. Découvrez une combinaison unique d'un jeu de tir en vue de dessus et d'un jeu de combat intense, et participez aux combats 2v2 et 3v3 explosifs et hautement compétitifs. Plongez dans une action intense et rapide en prenant le contrôle de nombreux Champions, chacun possédant des. La majorité des Loadouts est basée sur des joueurs de haut niveau de la communauté Battlerite afin d'en assurer la légitimité. Quant aux Chargements, ceux-ci sont susceptibles de changer très prochainement ! Nos guides sur tous les champions de Battlerite . Par Fragger, le 11/06/2018 Partagez ce guide à vos contacts : Réagissez. La majorité des Loadouts est basée sur des joueurs de haut niveau de la communauté Battlerite afin d'en assurer la légitimité. Quant aux Chargements, ceux-ci sont susceptibles de changer très prochainement ! Nos guides sur tous les champions de Battlerite. Par Fragger, le 17/01/2018 Partagez ce guide à vos contacts : Réagissez. La majorité des Loadouts est basée sur des joueurs de haut niveau de la communauté Battlerite afin d'en assurer la légitimité. Quant aux Chargements, ceux-ci sont susceptibles de changer très prochainement ! Nos guides sur tous les champions de Battlerite. Par Fragger, le 01/05/2018 Partagez ce guide à vos contacts : Réagissez.

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La majorité des Loadouts est basée sur des joueurs de haut niveau de la communauté Battlerite afin d'en assurer la légitimité. Quant aux Chargements, ceux-ci sont susceptibles de changer très prochainement ! Nos guides sur tous les champions de Battlerite. Par Fragger, le 10/01/2018 Partagez ce guide à vos contacts : Réagissez. Battlerite - Battlerite is a PvP arena brawler and the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Bloodline Champions. Experience the unique combination of a top -down shooter meeting a fast -paced fighting game and take part in highly competitive, adrenaline-fueled 2v2 and 3v3 battles. Engage in quick and intense action as you take control over one of many Champions, each with unique. Battlerite: Ruh Kaan Build Guide In this Ruh Kaan Build Guide, we provide an overview of his strengths, abilities, Battlerites and matchups. While it's a simple Battlerite, it allows Ruh Kaan to burst even more, and steal Orb with ease. When poking from afar, Agony allows Shadowblast to deal eye-watering damage that can pressure any player. Demonic Hunt . Granting Ruh Kaan a second.

This is Battlerite. Battlerite is an action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on competitive PvP combat. Fight side by side with teammates to the sound of the roaring crowd in vibrant, colosseum-style surroundings. The arena awaits! 001. Precise Gameplay Movement. Aim skill-shots and dodge projectiles with the use of WASD movement & cursor based aiming. Wield total control over your champion. loadouts.gg - builds by champions + link build generator Hello guys, I'm here to share my progression about loadouts.gg (formely battleloads.com but for some reasons i had to change it lol

Battlerite : gameplay de Croak (1080p/60fps) Trouver chaussure à son pied. À l'heure actuelle, Battlerite dispose d'une petite douzaine de champions répartis en 3 catégories : les càc, les. Battlerite's action-packed gameplay returns in Battlerite Royale! Take on the fight alone or team up with a friend to prove your mettle. Prepare for battle, and fight to survive as the Death Vortex closes in. THE MOBA BATTLE ROYALE. Experience the thrilling fusion between a MOBA and skillshot action game. Select one of several Champions each with unique playstyles and abilities, loot for. Like us at Battlerite on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest info and to talk with the Battlerite crew. Battlerite® Website Battlerite® on Twitter Battlerite® on Facebook. Announcements _ February SALE. posted by SLS_Ruth @ 02:10AM on February 24, 2020. The end of February approaches, and with it comes a 70% off sale on almost all Battlerite Arena and Royale DLC! - All Champions Pack 70%. Battlerite > General Discussions > Topic Details. Àdhamh. Oct 24, 2017 @ 11:07pm I'd have to create at least five loadouts for each hero, which is a major turn-off to play the game at all. I'm genuinely surprised that the devs thought this was a good redesign. #2. Connatic. Oct 26, 2017 @ 11:37am Originally posted by Socram: Originally posted by Connatic: If you were a vet, you would know.

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Welcome to the official Battlerite merchandise store! Sign Up for Newsletters. Get e-mail updates about our latest shop and special offers Battlerite: Raigon Loadout and Battlerites Guide. Still adjusting to the Battlerite changes? Here's our guide to Raigon with our build suggestion. by Brandon Janeway. We are still facing the change of the loadout system in Battlerite, and it is affecting everyone's playstyle. To help those who still don't know what to do with the change, we have broken down Raigon's.

Battlerite streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community please go back to a round by round battlerite system because this loadout option choice system is awkward and you cant adapt during matches, feels bad playing as a veteran to the game and is confusing for new players

Made by Averse & Miniluva *** Builds are updated as of 1/21/18 *** Disclaimer - These builds are not by definition THE BEST builds you can go they are more so good builds that work well in most matchups for each champ. Once you become more familiar with the game you will realize what BR's..

Loadout is an outrageous new multi-player shooter that's all about the guns, baby! Build a massive variety of absolutely insane weaponry - billions of combinations - totally customized, totally unique, and totally deadly Sirius ultimate is really powerful as well, try to keep your energy to use it. Track down the defensive spells of your ennemies to get the full potential of this spell, espcially with your Round 5 Battlerite. It can be interrupted by another skill at any moment Blossom is a happy, bubbly young faun from the Silverdeep Forest. She has left her home to investigate a disturbance in the natural order. She is always accompanied by her bird companion, Maxwell. Information Type Support Health 190 Gold Price 950 Gem Price 300 Released 6/27/2017 Contents. 1 Bio; 2 Abilities. 2.1 Basic Abilities. 2.1.1 Thwack! 2.1.2 Nourish; 2.1.3 Hop; 2.1.4 Tree of Life; 2.1. Battlerite: Sirius Build Guide In this Sirius Build Guide, we provide an overview of his strengths, abilities, Battlerites and matchups. by Lewis Burnell on Apr 04, 2018 Follow Ten Ton Hammer; Overview . Sirius is a powerful melee Support Champion that is capable of dealing high burst damage. Although he supports his team through splash healing (from two abilities), he's arguably much more. Discovers Battlerites builds and stats from high elo players

Battlerite Freya Guide Freya uses thunder to have good mobility and deal a ton of damage. She can be hard to master so let's take a look at her abilities, battlerites, and strats Thanks for using Master Battlerite! Unfortunately, due to increasing costs and a reduction in traffic we were forced to close down the website Battlerite: Blossom Build Guide. Looking for tips on how to play Blossom, one of Battlerite's most mobile support champions? Take a look at this guide. by Craig Snyder. In Battlerite, Blossom is a character based off of Dryad from Bloodline Champions. She's a nimble support champion that is very newbie-friendly in such a way that you can do well with her even while. The Loadout Tech for tomorrow's professional. Follow Following. Edifier W800BT Headphones. Edifier W800BT Headphones. Neutral sound and solid build quality at an absolutely shocking price. Tom Cheesewright. Apr 27, 2018. STM Trilogy 15in Laptop Backpack. STM Trilogy 15in Laptop Backpack. One bag just isn't enough. I have come to this conclusion not because I have some sort of bag fetish.

Loadouts by Popularity. 47.44% W/L - 153,758 Matches. Veil Shadow Travel. Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by 50%. Level 5. Veil. 5. Dark Whisper Shadow Travel. Increase your Movement Speed by 16% while Shadow Travel is active. Level 2. Dark Whisper . 2. Blood Pact Restore Soul. Heal for 210 every 1s while channeling Restore Soul. Level 3. Blood Pact. 3. Soul Forge Restore Soul. Increase. Battlerites are ancient rites that enhance your champions Abilities.They add new gameplay mechanics that change the playstyle of your Champions.Rites are chosen as Loadouts.Loadouts are limited to 5 total rites with limits to the number of rites in each category that can be equipped New Champion Shen Rao Arrives in Battlerite Ed Orr December 5, 2018 News. Facebook Twitter Reddit. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that everything is better with dragons! It seems like the team behind Battlerite agree with my assertion with the news that a brand new champion is coming to the competitive arena brawler this month. Prepare to meet Shen Rao. Known as the Tempest of.

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  1. Loadouts. News. Cheat Sheet. Like Follow Subscribe. Shen. Top. Support. From the Shadows. Split push and map pressure with ult. Resolve. Durability and crowd control. Grasp of the Undying . Every 4s your next attack on a champion deals bonus damage, heals you, and permanently increases your health. Shield Bash. Whenever you gain a shield, your next basic attack against a champion deals bonus.
  2. In this Battlerite Raigon Guide, we will guide you on how to play with Raigon. Battlerite is a team arena brawler in which you choose a hero and use its unique abilities to defeat your enemies.
  3. Battlerite Sirius Guide to help you learn how to Sirius along with an overview of his Abilities, Battlerites, EX Abilities, and Ultimate
  4. Battlerite has a customization system in place as well, allowing you to change both your combat and cosmetic options per hero. Combat loadouts allow you to select 5 Battlerites, which are buffs for your hero's skills. Each is marked with a quick tip of what it is aimed to help, such as offense, utility, mobility, or survival. Battlerites can be stacked on the same skill or split.
  5. ation. Level 3. Primal Might. 3. Survivalist Armor . Increase your maximum Health by 50. Level 1. Survivalist. 1. Volatile Fire Bomb. Reduce the Cooldown of Fire Bomb by 2.4s. Level 4. Volatile. 4. Incensed Fire Bomb. Increase your Movement Speed by 32% for 4s.

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Battlerite Pro League is the official premier tournament circuit for professional competition in Battlerite. The league is separated into four regions North America, South America, Europe, and South Korea.The most popular league builds in. Battlerite Builds, Always updated builds and loadouts for all champions based on what the top ranked players use! Check out builds for newly added champions. Battlerite Builds - The most popular league builds in A Year Later, Newly Free-To-Play Battlerite is Still the Ten Ton Hammer | Battlerite: Destiny Build Guid Battlerite Review you are able to customise each of your characters' loadouts with Rites. These are essentially cards that alter the way certain abilities work much like Masteries in LoL, or. Battlerite on PC will leave Early Access and go free-to-play on November 8, though players will be able to try the game for free early between September 25 and October 1 Battlerite Royale Is Much More Than Just a MOBA-Meets-Battle Royale Staff - March 13, 2019 at 11:10 AM. The battle royale genre is no doubt one of the biggest recent evolutions in PC gaming. In an attempt to cash in on the craze, it might be enticing for developers to simply slap a battle royale tag on any game mode that features some iteration of either large-scale, free-for-all.

Battlerite free week trial launches today. Alice O'Connor. News Editor. 11th April 2017 / 10:48AM Even if you wouldn't touch a MOBA with a ten foot barge pole, this might still be for you, wee cherub Matthew Cox said about Battlerite [official site] when it hit early access last year. Because it's not a MOBA, okay. It's a team-based arena brawler which, sure, has heroes/champions. Battlerite One Year Anniversary Event It'll be a year since Battlerite was released as Free-to-Play on November 8th! Between November 7th to November 14th we're celebrating with the Anniversary Chest - a chest that contains all droppable Creepy, Frozen, Lunar, and Prehistoric items. It guarantees a non-duplicate Epic or Legendary drop from any of these events

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What marketing strategies does Loadouts use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Loadouts Battlerite Royale Release Date Revealed! Diablo meets Fortnite in one of the world's first MOBA Battle Royale games, Coming September 26 to Steam Early Access. Skövde, Sweden — September 6th, 2018 — Stunlock Studios' highly anticipated standalone Battlerite spin-off Battlerite Royale is slated to launch on Steam Early Access on September 26 with a $19.99/19.99€ price tag. Pushing. PUBG Weapon Guide: Best Weapon Loadouts [Updated 2019] By. GlwPRO Staff - August 16, 2019. Contents hide. 1 Best All-Rounder Loadout. 2 Best Defensive Loadout. 3 Best Close Quarters Loadout. 4 Best Long Range Loadout. Put your ads code here. It's implied that there are a lot of weapons in PUBG and they've all got their very own arrangement of interesting qualities. Except if you're a. We're celebrating our one year anniversary, welcome to A NEW ERA of Battlerite! #Battlerite https://t.co/myMk0B3KK

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In conjunction with loadouts, there is also no mana to manage on any characters. Instead, Battlerite opts to having energy that charges as you land abilities. Energy can be spent on a subset of abilities as well as an ultimate ability. Due to this system you're more often managing cooldowns than you are your mana usage, which helps to simplify one more common element of MOBAs. These. The goal of surviv.io is to be the last player standing. You only live once per game - there is no respawn! 2D PUBG . If you've played other battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite or H1Z1, then you're already halfway there! Think of surviv.io as 2D PUBG (with slightly less desync and more chicken). Loot and Kill. You'll begin the game with no items other than a simple backpack. Move around. Loadouts. Creating weapons is just the first step. To be able to use these devastating devices, players must first equip them using loadouts. Players only get one loadout at the start of the game. Additional loadout slot are automatically unlocked at certain levels. A loadout consists of two weapons, an item such as a grenade, and a choice of three avatars: Rambo look-alike Axl, Mr. T look. Preview - Battlerite PC. Article February 1st 2017 Ian Howarth. Essentially, Battlerite is a bite-sized 'MOBA' with a focus on team work, positioning, and combat. There is no need to worry about 'lanes', 'creeps', or 'objectives' for there is only one - eliminate the enemy. And although that might not sound great for some, it needs to be pointed out right away that this. Check out our two games, Battlerite and Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale Loadouts & Builds. To a big point it's important will there be the loadout conception in Battlerite Royale and if it does, will the same builds be relevant in Battlerite Royale too Phoenix Labs To Introduce Saved Loadouts In Dauntless With Patch 0.9.3 . August 21, 2019 Marc Marasigan Comments. Phoenix Labs will be making it easier for you to swap your equipment loadouts when Patch 0.9.3 rolls out in early September. Currently, you have to swap out each piece of equipment manually, but come patch day, all you'll have to do is simply press a button. Each hunt in. Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, but players still need to take breaks. Here are the best games like Fortnite for you to check out today Fortnite v12.20 patch notes: helicopters, Operation Knockout LTM, updated Oil Rig, Arena changes, Locker Loadouts Fortnite v12.20 is LIVE and you can now jump into your favourite battle royale and fly helicopters

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The official most comprehensive wiki about Paladins, an objective-based team First-Person Shooter, by Hi-Rez Studios. Keep up to date on game speculation, information, Champions and more Fortnite, TF2, Overwatch, and especially Battlerite have been mentioned, and even some Paladins Youtubers are trying out Battlerite, for it having similar qualities to Paladins (Champions, loadouts, F2P, ultimates/skills, etc.) Surprising still, there's even a few wanting to make a game in reaction to this! I am not kidding, look it up

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  1. PaladinsGuru - Paladins's leading source for player profiles, elo rankings, guides, and builds
  2. Search through our list of lane-pushing games! Note that arena games like Battlerite, Warlock, and Splatoon will not be found here!. This resource is not yet complete, and may have some inaccuracies.If you would like to contribute, please get in touch
  3. Battlerite. Free--See Full List. 93. Excellent. Heroes of the Storm. My Rec ommendation for Heroes of the Storm. My Recommendation for Heroes of the Storm. Add Video or Image. All. 138. Experiences . 87. Pros. 28. Cons. 22. Specs. Top Pro ••• Teamwork is encouraged. More teamfighting, less laning. Games are largely decided by how well each team can work as a unit instead of one player.
  4. Paladins Wiki is a collaborative project to create a comprehensive reference for everything related to the Shooter game Paladins: Champions of the Realm. We have a chat room, forums and multiple article pages where the community can learn from and have discussions about the Champions, Strategy Guides, Trading Cards, Mounts and Maps. Everyone is welcome to come contribute and join our community

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We often see questionable class choices at the lower ranks of Call of Duty: World War II Ranked Play. For example: not using Mountain for silent footsteps in Search and Destroy, or - god forbid - snipers in respawn game types. The classes listed below offer the best chance to stay on top of the meta and get an edge on your opponents Metabomb brings you the latest news, guides and features for Hearthstone, Overwatch and Destiny 2

We've rounded up the best games like Fortnite, paying attention to not only the battle royale format, but also the building mechanics featured in Fortnite. Although Fortnite is a fairly unique. A blog about PC video games! Screenshot of the Week #196: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. by Nodrim on June 8, 2020 . Desperados 3's release is around the corner and having played the demo on GOG, I thought it would be a good idea to finally check Mimimi's previous RTT

There is no game to replace Battlerite (yet). It's perfectly balanced, skill based and unique, very polished and beautiful - the combat feels right, abilities feel smooth, its very fast and can get stressfull at times. It has a fair but grindy ranking system (~150 games until you are at the rank you should be, or even more if you didn't place any season before). After more than 1300 hours i'm. For the first time since Kung Fu Chaos seventeen years ago, Ninja Theory is releasing a multiplayer game.Bleeding Edge might come as a surprise to players used to their single player offerings, such as Enslaved, the critically acclaimed DmC: Devlil May Cry, or Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, but the studio has been trying to develop a multiplayer title for several years

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  1. Io is a support character who can hold her own for a decent amount of time. She can heal any player she wants to full health with moonlight, and summon her lunar guardian to heal her and her allies in the fight (with her Life Link talent). When she finally gets in over her head she can lunar leap into a safe space or use it at the beginning of fights to out-flank and get the upper hand. If an.
  2. Tyra is a Damage Champion with high damage and medium health but low mobility. Her skill set excels at area control and hunting down targets. Her Auto Rifle picks off enemies quickly with its high rate of fire and its Nade Launcher that lobs a grenade to finish them off. Tyra's Fire Bomb creates an area of fire that damages any enemies that stand in it (as well as herself). Hunter's Mark.
  3. Realm Royale: Mage guide - Tips, Best Abilities, Builds and Legendary Weapon. Our complete guide to getting started with the Mage class in Realm Royale. Gameplay guides by John Bedford, 18/07/2018. About John Bedford. John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site. Contact @ Our Realm Royale Mage guide covers.

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  1. The recruit is the only operator included in the original release of Rainbow Six Siege available to both sides as well as the only operator to have no unique gadget and to bring a single reinforcation. Instead, an recruit has the ability to bring a second piece of equipment. Prior to Year 3 Season 4 introducing a competitive quarantine and evaluation period, Recruit was the only operator.
  2. Team Fortress 2, Battle for Wesnoth, and 0 A.D. are probably your best bets out of the 65 options considered. Fun, humorous gameplay, graphics and sound is the primary reason people pick Team Fortress 2 over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision
  3. Hier findest du eine Auswahl der besten Battle Royale-Spiele. Du willst wissen, welche das sind? Dann klick auf diese Übersicht
  4. Sylas breaks the tradition, being on the free rotation only 10 days after release.; On patch V7.16, the number of champions in the free champion rotation increased from a flat 10 up to 10% of the maximum roster.With 137 champions at the time of the patch, the number of champions in the free rotation increased by 4 to become 14. This later increased to 15 in September 2019
  5. If you would like to play a different game, but still put your Overwatch skills to good use then you are in for a treat because we bring you the 15 best games like Overwatch where your skills will help you get to the top. If you are good at Overwatch then you will be good at any one of these games in no time because most of the skills you learned will carry over to the new games. So, without.
  6. Lian is a damage champion capable of dealing moderate amounts of damage in short time periods and who specializes in medium range combat and long range executions. Her semi-automatic Heirloom Rifle allows her to pressure enemy backlines and easily handle immediate threats. Unique to Lian, all her standard skills apply on-hit weapon effects such as Cauterize. Her ultimate skill, Enlightenment.
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Garena ROE - Ring Of Elysium is a hot survival game like PUBG. It is developed by Tencent and published by Garena in South East Asian area. If you are a fan of Multiplayer survival adventure games, you surely don't want to miss this one. Different from PUBG, ROE is completely free for download and install. Also, it provides you with stunning graphics which were created by QuickSliverX engine Call of Duty MW & Warzone 19th May: Classic BR, new Gulag weapons, two new maps, Armour Box & cosmetics Infinity War has detailed what will be in the next MW update, with two new maps & battle royale modes, the introduction of the armour box, and a change to the weapons found in the Gulag The best box fighting maps in Fortnite Box fighting is a vital skill to master if you want to compete with the best players in Fortnite, so check out your guide of the best box fighting including all the ones used by pros like Tfue and Mongraal. By Daniel Conlan - Published on March 24, 2020 To reach the very top of Fortnite and compete with the best you will have to become a god at box. Quake Champions is a game in the Quake Series. Quake Champions is an multiplayer-focused first-person shooter released into Steam Early Access on August 23, 2017. A Single Player mode is not present to focus on multiplayer, just like Quake III Arena and Quake Live. The game features its own lore..

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Additional champions can be purchased for either Gold or Crystals.The majority of the cast costs 30,000 / 200 to unlock, while the most recently released champions cost 60,000 / 300 .A few champions (such as Buck and Grohk) cost 15,000 / 100 instead.. The Founder's Pack includes the Champion Pack, which automatically unlocks all current and future Champions in the game without any additional. Dreadnought is a blast (pun intended) - @TrashPandaGrr I'm here to say that Dreadnought, the free to play large spaceship biffing game, is fun as hell and very pretty - @badthingsliker So very proud to represent Dreadnought! Every time I get online and interact with the amazing community they have, I am reminded how lucky I am! - MTNrhyno Fight in 8v8 matches - Unleash your guns. Rainbow Six Main Wikis. Alpha Wikis. Pre Alpha Wikis . VALORANT Dota 2 Counter-Strike StarCraft II PUBG Overwatch Rocket League League of Legends Smash Warcraft Apex Legends Brood War Hearthstone Heroes Artifact Commons. Fighting Games Arena of Valor Arena FPS Clash Royale Fortnite World of Warcraft Team Fortress FIFA Paladins. Pokémon Call of Duty Battalion 1944 Dota Underlords TrackMania.

Learn more about the path ahead and see what we have planned for Dauntless. Sep. 14, 2017 Dauntless Merchandise is Here! Dauntless merchandise has arrived! Rep Ramsgate with a Dauntless shirt, accessories, and more! Sep. 1, 2017 Founder's Alpha Wrap-up A huge thanks to all of the Founders who participated in the Dauntless Founder's Alpha. We. The best list of MMORPG and RPG Games. Updated daily to include the lastest Free MMOs, RPGs and more for MMORPG fans Our goal is to catalog every single MMO on the net and curate every game page with reviews, screenshots, videos, music, and more. We review free to play MMORPGs, MMOs, pay to play subscription MMORPGs, Buy to Play MMORPGs, Browser MMOs, and even Mobile MMORPGs Dirty Bomb Key Features: Think of loadout cards as, well, loadouts. Whichever loadout card you equip determines what weapons you have equipped as well as which augments (bonus stats) your mercenary has. Instead of just buying or renting a new weapon like you would in games like Combat Arms, players equip loadout cards which give them access to different weapons and augments. Loadout cards. The best list of Free Games. Updated daily to include the lastest Free MMOs, RPGs and more for MMORPG fans

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Battlerite : Ashka, guide et build - Breakflip - ActualitéloadoutsBattlerite : Shifu, guide et build - Breakflip - Actualité
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